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Please stop funding the animal agriculture industry, it wastes more water than anything. Please stop funding the depletion and destruction of resources. 

Here is a link describing the way that animal agriculture in general pollutes the Earth/wastes resources: 

Here is a link that describes, in depth, the water footprint of animal agriculture compared to vegetables:

It is obvious that animal agriculture is literally drying up the Earth and destroying it in other ways as well. Please do not fund this. 

Have you guys ever heard of Global Warming

As temperatures rise, people and animals need more water to maintain their health and thrive. Many important economic activities, like producing energy at power plants, raising livestock, and growing food crops, also require water. The amount of water available for these activities may be reduced as Earth warms, and if competition for water resources increases.”

Could you please also buy smaller cars? 
And once I was told about such a thing called “public transportation”. You could check that out too! 

Hi! actually animal agriculture is one of the main causes of global warming. You save more water and energy and pollute less by not eating animal products than by showering during a month and buying a new car :) and that says a lot! 

here is an interesting video called "the hidden cost of hamburgers" (talks a about environment in a pretty cool way actually)

And here is a documentary I very much recommend to anyone who cares a little bit about environment, climate change, water depletion, species extinction, deforestation, air and oceans contamination! Cowspiracy: The sustainability secret (it’s on youtube also)


In the dark of the ocean, some animals have evolved to use bioluminescence as a defense. In the animation above, an ostracod, one of the tiny crustaceans seen flitting near the top of the tank, has just been swallowed by a cardinal fish. When threatened, the ostracod ejects two chemicals, luciferin and luciferase, which, when combined, emit light. Because the glow would draw undesirable attention to the cardinal fish, it spits out the ostracod and the glowing liquid and flees. Check out the full video clip over at BBC News. Other crustaceans, including several species of shrimp, also spit out bioluminescent fluids defensively. (Image credit: BBC, source video; via @amyleerobinson)


I used to eat animals, wear animals, buy animals, pay to see animals imprisoned for my entertainment, and use products tested on animals. Now I don’t. Your choices can always and should always evolve.

It’s never too late to boycott cruelty. Vote with your wallet. 


Seattle/Tacoma area you better save this baby!! This is Hubert, he is a super sweet 3 year old. He is at high risk of being put down and has been in there almost a year. Miltonanimalshelter.org help this little baby out and repost/share/tell your friends!!!

I just checked their website and he’s still there! Look at this baby with his beautiful baby face! SOMEONE ADOPT THIS DOG ALREADY


Amur Leopard (Panthera pardus orientalis) Cub - Kiska (by Honey Monster)


Victorin Ripert



Vegans of Tumblr, if it was actually possible and you could only save one, who would you rather save? A child from a lifetime of slave labour in a sweatshop, or a chicken from being some chicken nuggets?

You know what is infinitely more fascinating than this absurd hypothetical question?

The fact that we have the ability to choose to save BOTH the child and the chicken, and overwhelmingly, most people choose to save neither, every. single. day.

Can someone explain to me


How Trayvon Martin can be killed for walking back to his crib for wearing a hoodie, but 200-300 white kids can break into a black Ex- NFL players vacation home and cause $20,000+, and none of them get arrested? On the contrary, the parents of said kids threaten to sue him for posting the pictures that their kids posted on twitter and IG? That is the America we live in. Marinate on that.


Haha i love this milk package. I strongly agree with this statement. Imagine if animals started drinking human breast milk. How messed up wouldn’t that be? Milk is designed for baby cows y’all.

Oatly is the SHIT, their chocolate drink is a staple in our household.